Saturday, March 12, 2005

Colour and Shading in Dentistry

Hi gang,

Went to the POW labs course on colour and shading in dentistry. It was a great course in terms of tips and techniques. While at the course I was trying to see what tips I could give the layman dental consumer when undergoing crown and bridge (caps) procedures.

In terms of colour matching your crown as accurately as possible:

  • If you are whitening (bleaching) your teeth, try to do it well before the procedure and then let your teeth "settle" for a couple of weeks to get the best result.
  • Try to schedule your appointment in the late morning and early afternoon hours in order to take advantage of the best natural light condition (6500K light for those scientifically inclined)
  • Porcelain crowns are more aesthetic but may not be applicable to your case, traditional porcelain fused to metal may have to be used due to strength reasons
  • *Tell* your dentist what features of the teeth beside the future crown you would want or not want to be included. This includes items like glossiness, shape, variations in colour etc.

In short, communication is the key to a great looking crown and a very happy patient!

Take care as always!

Hans Skariah, B.Sc., DMD