Thursday, April 05, 2007

Engineers designing tooth with built-in pump for drug delivery

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Saw this in the Globe and Mail Online Edition (April 5, 07) regarding a unique method of delivering drugs more reliably and consistently to patients using a device in the mouth:

Researchers in Europe and Israel, funded by the European Union, are working on a tiny drug-dispensing system called IntelliDrug that goes into a person's mouth — with the ultimate goal of getting the parts small enough to fit into a replacement tooth placed in the back like a molar. The device can release a specific amount of medicine at certain intervals, ensuring that the patient gets the proper dosage at the right time.

Patients, on average, follow instructions on taking drugs only half the time, even for people who need them to survive, said Dr. Andy Wolff, an Israeli dentist who initially came up with the concept. Patients often forget or find it too inconvenient to take medicine, especially in the middle of the night. He believes the device will rectify the problem by automating the process.

Source: Globe and Mail Online Edition (April 5, 07)

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