Saturday, April 14, 2007

Zirconia and Implants

Hi everyone,

I've started the transition to using zirconia abutments and crowns with my implant cases. Why? Two main advantages:

  • The silver colour of a usual titanium implant abutment (structure underneath the crown) can now be a colour that more resembles the final crown. Allows for better aesthetics. (first image)

  • The strength of the crowns is incredible (reportedly up to 1200 MPa), especially compared to all-porcelain crowns with very comparable aesthetics. Allows for better durability. (second image)

Thanks to POW Laboratories for the excellent lab work. The crowns can be cemented with a temp cement (yes, the fit is that good!) or a non-expanding permanent cement. The implants that we primarily use are Noble Biocare Replace Select.

Take care

Hans Skariah, B.Sc., DMD
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