Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dental Did You Know: CDA Position on Breast Feeding and Early Childhood Caries.

The quote below is now the position of the Canadian Dental Association as of June 2013:
The Canadian Dental Association supports breastfeeding as it provides nutritional benefits to the infant and is recognized as an effective preventive health measure.
In the absence of daily oral hygiene care, breastfeeding is one of the many risk factors that may contribute to the development of dental caries. Therefore, it is vital that mouth cleaning or tooth brushing be part of the daily routine for all infants, including those who are breastfed.
CDA Board of Directors - Approved June 2013

Source: CDA Board of Directors, Does Breastfeeding Increase Risk of Early Childhood Caries, JCDA, June 2013, Vol 79, No 5, pg 280-281.

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