Monday, August 17, 2009

TWiD: This Week in Dentistry (Episode 2)

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the delay in posting. I was on vacation in Europe (it was *fantastic*). I just wanted to acknowledge everyone's patience while I was gone and especially thanks to Jodie and Gloria for keeping things together while I was away. Anyways, this week had a few items of dental interest:

1) Do Redheads Feel More Pain?
A new study has found that redheads are more than twice as likely to avoid a visit to the dentist - possibly because they are more sensitive to pain. But does hair colour really mean more discomfort in the dentist chair?

(Wow, this is news to me...apparently redheads may need as much as 20% more anesthesia for the same affect...I think I'll wait for corroborating studies before I take it as canon)

Source: BBC online, Aug 11, 2009, Do Redheads Really Feel More Pain?
Read: Aug 18, 2009

2) Canadians Reducing Dental Visits During Recession

The economic downturn is delivering a beating to Canadians' health as well as their wealth, a new poll shows. 25 per cent said they have cancelled or delayed a dental appointment to save money

(This is not a surprising result given the recession, it is unfortunate though)

Source: The Globe and Mail Online, Aug 16, 2009, Poor economy hammers Canadians' health,
Read on Aug 17, 2009

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