Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cool Dental Website: Chief Dental Officer of Canada

Hi everyone,

I received information on this website from a CDA (Canadian Dental Association) email bulletin. It is the Government of Canada's website (reliable info) of the Chief Dental Officer (Part of Health Canada). To be honest, I've never heard of this particular area of Health Canada, but I am pleased that the government is promoting oral health and research. Here's how they describe themselves:

The Office of the Chief Dental Officer (OCDO) was created in October 2004 to improve the oral health status of Canadians and to increase awareness about the prevention of oral diseases.

The Office works to:

  • Provide evidence-based oral health perspectives on a wide range of health policy and program development issues

  • Provide expert oral health advice, consultation and information

  • Integrate oral health promotion with general health (wellness) initiatives

  • Assist in gathering epidemiological information for program planning on federal/provincial/community levels and establish priorities for research

  • Develop integrated collaborative approaches to preventing and controlling oral and associated diseases

  • Provide a point of contact/liaison with professional associations, provinces, academic institutions, and other non-government organizations on oral health issues

Hans Skariah, B.Sc., DMD
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