Friday, October 15, 2010

My Dental Implant Placement in 9 Minutes

Hi everyone,

This is a video of a dental implant placement procedure (Tooth #47 - Noble Biocare Implant) on myself (Dr. Hans Skariah) by one our fantastic oral surgeons (Dr. Ian Furst at Coronation Dental Specialty Group). I had this filmed on my iPhone to give everyone who has had a dental implant suggested as a treatment option an idea on how easy and fast it is to place. A bit of background first: before this video, I had signed consent forms and had a couple of easy injections with topical to anesthetize the area. There is a bit of lighthearted banter going on as both of us are quite relaxed.

Normally, our patients would undergo this procedure with Dr. Furst and the actual restoration of implant (crown) with us, usually fabricated by the great team at POW Laboratories. I have always felt that a great team works fabulously together and that is definitely the case here, as we have done well over 100 collaborative procedures since 2002 in both the Mississauga practice (Promenade Court Dental) and the Tavistock Dental Health Group. Enjoy the video!

P.S. There was very minimal discomfort after the procedure, easily tolerable with Tylenol for a day or two afterwards.

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