Friday, January 29, 2010

Dental Did You Know: First Visit to the Dentist

According to the Canadian and American Academies of Pediatric Dentistry (CAPD and AAPD), all children should have their first visit to the dentist to establish a dental home no later the 12 months of age.
The concept of a dental home refers to the establishment of an early relationship between the child, parents and the dentist. This initial meeting allows the dentist to record a thorough medical and dental history, oral exam, establish the child's risk of developing dental disease, establish a patient-specific recall interval and educate the parents early on to prevent dental disease. (edited for brevity-HS)

Farkouh D, Infant Oral Health-Establishing a Dental Home, Oral Health, Jan 2010, Vol 100, No 1, pg 3.

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