Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hepatitis B Dental Facts

In general, all dental and medical professionals in Canada and the US are required to have documented proof of immunization against hepatitis B to prevent onset of the disease and to prevent transmission to patients.

Why is this needed and why are regulatory colleges so strict about it?

  1. Worldwide, there were an estimated 350 million carriers of Hep B
  2. 10-18% of surgeons worldwide have Hep B
  3. The estimated risk of transmission from an infected worker is 240-1400 per 1 million procedures
  4. The sero (blood) conversion rate from a potentially infected workers is 19-30%
Source: Anand R and Bowker C, RCDSO, The Legal and Human Rights Ramifications of Serology Testing for Dental Professionals, PEAK Bulletin May/June 2009

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