Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Demi Moore and the Missing Tooth

Well, this story has been making the rounds all over the internet and even a dental blog or two. Demi Moore's dental work on twitter. Here's the teaser quote:

When it comes to twittering, Demi Moore is known for really sinking her teeth into the latest communication craze. At least the ones she has left.

The 46-year-old actress hopped on her account over the weekend to post a couple of pictures in which she's smiling in a dentist's chair and revealing a gaping hole where a tooth used to be.

"I lost it and had to have it fixed! I personally thought this look went out after you were eight, didn't know I would be rocking it again!" she wrote. "Happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility!!! Or at least be able to laugh at myself!"

Read the rest of the story on E Online and see the pictures here: For Demi, Less is More

Source: E Online, Read on May 28/09

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