Monday, March 17, 2008

Toothbrush Review in the Toronto Star

Hi everyone, I just came across this review of the Ultreo ultrasonic toothbrush. Please remind yourself that this review comes from a non-dental professional and may contain biased or not sufficiently independent data from the manufacturer.

Here's the teaser quote:

The automation of personal grooming is upon us.

Not long from now, we will raise a generation of children who will not understand the purpose of a toothbrush that doesn't vibrate, beep and require recharging.

One of our most ancient personal hygiene tools has undergone dramatic technological change.

We've reviewed the Oral-B Sonic Complete and Philips' Sonicare brushes in this space before. But there's a new challenger putting its money where our mouths are.

The Ultreo ($170), the brainchild of scientists at the University of Washington, is the first to use ultrasound waves to break down plaque and attack oral stains.

The Ultreo brush head features, of all things, an "ultrasound transducer." The small orange lump surrounded by bristles is designed to channel ultrasound vibrations through water and saliva to create bubbles. Those bubbles, in turn, pulsate and do the cleaning work.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking the link below:

Source: Cribb R, Cribb Notes, Toronto Star Online: March 17/08, Another Leap Forward for our Pearly Whites

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