Sunday, November 11, 2007

Leadership Keys

Saw this in an Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Journal:

Six essential qualities of a leader:
  1. Beliefs: Develop strong core beliefs.
  2. Optimism: Be a problem solver not a problem maker; believe that there are solutions.
  3. Courage: Take action in the face of fear.
  4. Preparation: Do your homework; "luck" is where opportunity and preparedness intersect.
  5. Teamwork: Be humble and know that you can get others to help with success.
  6. Communication: People who can influence others can move the world; become good at it by practicing the preceding five qualities.

I thought these were great points that I could use to enhance the practice going forward.

Source: Stolz B, Tips for Building an Unstoppable Team, Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry Fall 2007, Vol 23, No 3, pg 70-72.

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