Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dental Did You Know: Salivary Glands Part 1

A bit of Dentistry 101:

There are basically 3 types of salivary (spit) glands and secretions they produce:
  1. Serous (watery); mostly in the parotid gland (the largest salivary gland, its duct comes out at the level of the upper second molar) and glands of von Ebner
  2. Mucous (thick); in the palatine and posterior lingual glands. They generally aid in swallowing.
  3. Mixed; in the sublingual glands, submandibular glands (the most prolific producer of saliva), and the anterior sublingual glands. These glands (generally) secrete around the tongue.

Source: Crossley H, Unraveling the mysteries of saliva: Its importance in maintaining oral health, General Dentistry, Vol 55, No 4, July/Aug 2007, pg 288-296.

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