Monday, January 01, 2007

Dental Did You Know: Why there is more buildup on the inside of lower front teeth

There is more calculus (hard buildup) on the lingual (inside) of lower anterior teeth as compared to other teeth for a few reasons. In general, an acidic pH is bad for buildup. Sugar actually slows down the buildup process due to an acidic pH. So this particular area of the mouth has:

  1. Faster clearance: these areas are cleaned better (think tongue etc.) so sugars are not in the area too long which results in more buildup
  2. Faster saliva film velocity (I) : again clearing sugars quickly
  3. Faster saliva film velocity (II): also results in more urea being transported to the area, which help in the neutralization of acids...which helps create calculus

Whew! That was a bit technical, but I hope it provides some insight. :)

Source: Dawes C, JCDA, Vol 72, No 10, December 2006

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